In this category the early works of "MonoPol" can be listened to. These have been produced by using "CubaseVST" in conjunction with external synthesizers and first virtual effect plug-ins. At this time the final versions of the tracks were recorded on multitrack-tape...

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After Christmas06:2794Graphic 60 Percent68%
Back to Tape-Sound07:0243Graphic 0 Percent0%
Divided04:4339Graphic 20 Percent25%
Kling Out04:4928Graphic 40 Percent43%
Whatever comes first10:4426Graphic 50 Percent50%
Romantic04:2224Graphic 0 Percent0%
Flutee03:1423Graphic 0 Percent0%
M-F-D04:5323Graphic 0 Percent0%
Going Blues05:3820Graphic 0 Percent0%
Exciting Bell05:1019no votes yet!
So it goes04:1919no votes yet!
Shortsnap03:5217Graphic 50 Percent53.7%
Sectum 207:4113no votes yet!