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"As I learned at an early age playing the piano, my musical career was as well as predetermined. According to a basic conclusion of the music school in the subject 'Piano' I began to practice my skills on various keyboards and synthesizers. Initial contacts with other musicians followed. Since I was not able to put in my real musical ideas to my first band 'Madcap Fool', I left the band and devoted myself first solo projects of various kinds."

"In the field of electronic music I created solo pieces as well as joint work with Tino Stiegler in the period from 1996 to 2000. In 1998 I founded together with Renato Vesely and Matthias Son the Gothic-Rock-Band 'Felsenreich'. In 2005 I left the band along with producer and guitarist Soren Brauer and drummer Jorg Meyer, with whom I now work even more in our band 'Onyx Eyes'."

"Over the years I have operated my way musically in various rock and roll bands, but this does not further expanded. Nevertheless, one can now and again hear the influences of rock and blues in the music of 'MonoPol' and 'Onyx Eyes' in my melodies and riffs."

Actual Top 10

1.GenesisShip wreckedCalling all Stations
2.Depeche ModeFreedoms astayedUltra
4.Depeche ModeIn ChainesSound of the Universe
5.Ray WilsonAdolescent BreakdownThe next best Thing
6.CutGhostMillionaire Head
7.ServiThetisRückehr aus Ithaka
8.VangelisDervish D.Spiral
9.Thought GuildReturn to the SunContinuum
10.Reinhard Lakomy & Rainer OleakKlangzeitZeiten

All Time Top 10

1.Depeche ModeInsightUltra
2.Peter GabrielFather SonOvo
3.Ray WilsonSometimesThe next best Thing
4.Depeche ModeLove ThievesUltra
5.Tangerine DreamCloud burst FlightForce Majeure
6.Ray WilsonEver the ReasonThe next best thing
8.Reinhard LakomyOrakelDer Traum von Asgard
9.Veronika Fischer und BandInsel im NordenGoldene Brücken
10.Mario HeneKinder der NachtUnter der gleichen Sonne

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