Denis Hartzsch aka Pol says: "Here you can find a selection of my solo works from the period before "MonoPol". These were recorded and produced in various studios between 1995-1998."

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Grooving04:02115Graphic 80 Percent85.8%
In my ears03:1859Graphic 70 Percent76.2%
Introducing Sounds06:1844Graphic 80 Percent80%
Seems to be endless13:0430Graphic 70 Percent76%
Through the time15:2728Graphic 80 Percent88%
Soundpicture08:3124Graphic 90 Percent90.5%
Flowing (LIVE)06:4722Graphic 80 Percent82%
Silence (LIVE)04:5819Graphic 70 Percent76%
Escape from Winters Days10:1116Graphic 50 Percent50%
Evening Tune06:2414Graphic 60 Percent65%